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March 08

The Button

Latrell James’ new video and single “The Button” is an honest look and reflection of his life and surroundings growing up in Boston. But it’s more than that. James, with the help of director Jose Rodriguez, paints us familiar picture; but his conclusion is universal. Thousands of people struggle with things that a lot of the […]

February 08

Unorthodox Remixd

The tinker-toy remixes of Smelku are truly something to behold. It’s like someone stealing an audio feed to a nursery, or a WiiU, and then playing back acapellas on a turntable through a mixer. A large collection of music on his page is pulled from various Nintendo/Mario Levels, and a lot of it works out […]

November 23

This is Joppe

Joppe is doing some quality lounge-y dance music. Once in awhile you’ll find him along side fellow producer Galimatias and it’s nothing but good vibes over there. Both producers are based out of Danmark and in the past year or so have been getting their music out to places like VibesHK, Hot ‘n Gold Magazine, […]

October 29

The Code

A good amount of roads are leading my ears to minimal production lately. Elliot put me on to Aoki Takamasa, and a few Japanese discogs orders later there was a previously-sleepy part of my brain that was craving, well…less. I was only dimly unaware of all this until I came across this release by The […]

August 18

Choppa Dunks in Cleveland

This Wednesday at the BSide in Cleveland, Hear in Colors is helping to bring in NYC heavy-bass-hitter Choppa Dunks. Joining him will be Killa Kalam and DJ Corey Grand, two Cleveland natives who, unless you’ve been under a rock, you should feel luck that you have an opportunity to see on the same night. Choppy Dunks excels in […]

August 15

Sumeau is nice

“Next Day” feels like a 90’s alternative groups’ homage to a 1960’s psychadelic pop group. It’s awesome.   Special shouts to the beautifully fun and simple video concept. Semeau is from LA and they’ll in Boston, NYC, Athens OH, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, Reno and San Francisco in September. So you should probably go do THAT. […]

July 08


Soulection is an incredibly diverse label, but there’s a thread of something that connects all the music here. Maybe it’s melody, maybe it’s something more intangible – “vibes” I guess..Whatever it is, it’s the reason why people from the HIC fam are always sanding it to me, and it’s the reason I go back to […]