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March 15

Agua y Sed

Agua y Sed is a small net label out of Chile who are extremely focused on delivering solid dancefloor tracks for anyone with the speakers to play them. Inspired by the sound of the machines, Agua y Sed is a friends project who start in 2009 by the hand of Claude Solis, young creative under […]

February 22

Live from Common Ave

This is the newest release from the Cleveland-based collective Common ave – outside of their debut “Aurora Borealis EP”.  As we get into 2015 there’s a distinct feeling that these guys are sitting on a good amount of quality music that’s being quietly refined into something major. Luckily for you, you can see this refinement […]

February 08

Shanti Breaks

DJ Shanti is truly doing gods work. In Latvia. The dude is pushing 1700 uploads right now, as you listen to any one of them you cant help but wonder why breakbeats aren’t more popular in 2015. I mean it’s more enjoyable than beatport top 10..but that’s just us..   Another impressive thing about Shanti is the […]

January 18


Sprill came to us through a group of awesome people whose goals are not all that different from our own at hearincolors. NeighborhoodsHateUs is concerned, above anything else, with bringing you new tittilating textures for your eardrums, from all genres.  from their SC: This dude Sprill is just one of a few artists we’re going […]

December 07

Dial-Up Princess

There’s something to be said for really owning a style. And it’s even more remarkable when the style you choose to own is something that, to quite honest, hasn’t really existed before. Sure, Doko’s music borrows from from a lot of places, but the the way it all comes together, though very similar across all […]

November 18

The Most 90’s Night in Cleveland 10/19

  Hear In Colors Presents: The Most ’90s Night in Cleveland Nov 19th at Grog Shop Only $2 for 21+, and $5 if you’re under! Hosted by Wes Woods We’ve got Greg DJnuera Barrow, Reasor, and Noah Peele spinning all that ’90s hip hop Ashanti Allison, Angelo Vagas, and Ahptimus Prime (all from Poetic […]

November 13

Hisoka Beats in London

If you’re in need of some dusty, looking-out-your-window-on-a-rainy-day instrumental hip-hop, you might find what you’re looking for in Origamik and his buddies over at Hisoka Records out of London. Hisoka Record seems to me more of a collective rather than an actual record label. Whatever you end up calling it it’s a good fit for […]