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January 27

Best Music Videos Ever. Period.

So, this isn’t exactly a post about music. I know, I know; “you’re a music blog, why would you write about anything else?” Instead of answering that question, I’ll just ignore it, and jump right in. I almost always HATE music videos. They tend to either be way too literal and remove any chance of […]

January 22

Celebrate Raido’s birthday with us. It’s worth celebrating, we promise.

Costa Rican Producer Raido has that ethereal sound that is only found in the rare individuals that “get it”. There’s no flash, no naked chicks, no twerking, no high production studios, just the stripped down, butt-ass-naked music. Really, its the beauty of home production perfectly encapsulated and represented by triangle waves, bloopy synths, sidechains, pitch […]

January 13

Full genealogy of MF DOOM’s ‘One Beer’

We all love Doom for a lot reasons; his lyrics, his mystique, his collabs, his ridiculous names, but truth be told there’s one aspect of his career that stands out above all. It’s his jazzy beats. Honestly, it’s like everything Doom touches turns to gold. Well, as it happens, anything touches turns to gold, and […]

January 07


Moodoïd are weird. You don’t need to speak French to grasp this fact. It’s evident a few seconds into any of their music videos that this group is not afraid to embrace the fucking strange, and if you embrace it along with them it’ll pay off. This Paris-based 5 piece band fills out swirling psychedelic […]

January 07

The Admirables Funk in Cleveland 1/10

The Admirables is one of those bands where you know they are legit within the first 30 seconds of hearing them. These dudes can play at a HIGH level and we’re excited to be taking over one of our most funk-loving venues with them. The Social Room is in Cleveland Heights and its $5 to […]

September 03

“My thoughts come with an accent for just how foreign I think”

Deffery is one of those artsy types. You know those guys that can fucking do everything, and it just seems so natural to them? I don’t know the guy personally, but I’m willing to bet a thousand dollars you’ll fall in love with these tee’s for sale on his website when you check em out. […]

September 02

Argentinian lo-fi band Fideos con Tuco wrestles with fuzz

This group seems to enjoy their anonymity, as they are completely hidden in the depths of the Internet. I like that. In case you can’t tell simply by listening to their music, this is not a band who’s concerned with the fast track to success. Quality over quantity, and art above all. Hailing from Mendoza, […]