February 08


Shanti Breaks

DJ Shanti is truly doing gods work. In Latvia. The dude is pushing 1700 uploads right now, as you listen to any one of them you cant help but wonder why breakbeats aren’t more popular in 2015. I mean it’s more enjoyable than beatport top 10..but that’s just us..


Another impressive thing about Shanti is the sheer depth of his catalog. Super-obscure breaks from artists from all over the world, and decades long past. Oh you did know that Uganda has a breakbeat scene in the 70’s? Shanti knew that….he also ripped it, warped and uploaded it for all you heathens out there rocking sync buttons. The guy literally has days of gooooood, classic breaks for you to download. His original productions are pretty on point too, a fabulous mishmash of lifted breaks and groves from the best of the best. Shanti weaving it all together like some new-age digital King Tubby; for dancers.
if you’re a breaker, freestyler, dancer, dj or ANY Latvian, you need to get on DJ Shanti immediately.

Check on his people over at http://www.dancingeurope.com/ as well