January 27

Best Music Videos Ever. Period.

So, this isn’t exactly a post about music. I know, I know; “you’re a music blog, why would you write about anything else?” Instead of answering that question, I’ll just ignore it, and jump right in. I almost always HATE music videos. They tend to either be way too literal and remove any chance of individual interpretation of the song, or way too abstract and just kind of stupid. Or, if it’s hip hop, just a bunch of dudes smoking blunts and taking doses, with random cuts of a girl twerking. There’s a time and place for that and it’s called redtube, people.

There is a saving grace. A video company called BANGS, based out of Brooklyn (obviously) is making hugely original, entertaining and stimulating music videos without taking away or adding too much to the song. It also helps that either only great bands are hiring them, or they only accept great bands to work with. Their employment processes aside, these guys are doing something RIGHT, I wish they would make a video to my entire Itunes library. Thank you for restoring my faith in the interaction between audio and visual stimulation.