January 22


Celebrate Raido’s birthday with us. It’s worth celebrating, we promise.

Costa Rican Producer Raido has that ethereal sound that is only found in the rare individuals that “get it”. There’s no flash, no naked chicks, no twerking, no high production studios, just the stripped down, butt-ass-naked music. Really, its the beauty of home production perfectly encapsulated and represented by triangle waves, bloopy synths, sidechains, pitch bends, arpeggiators and beautifully simple melodies. I love this shit. Raido’s music is not meant to have a ridiculously wide audience (even though it’s more than deserving of such attention), it’s produced for the sole purpose of existing. That kind of mentality will immediately shape the music into something more meaningful, and therefore enjoyable.

Raido is cofounder of the record label Top Cats, which is definitely worth checking out, they have a lot of cool shit coming out of there. Show them some HIC love, you’ll pat yourself on the back immediately afterwards.

Oh yeah, and IT’S RAIDO’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! And, even better since we really don’t know him personally, he dropped a tape. And it’s fucking magnificent. It’s playing right now. Listen to it, like it, share it, be it. My personal favorite track off the tape is hierro (ft. felipe perez). Fifteen thumbs up, Raido.