January 07



Moodoïd are weird. You don’t need to speak French to grasp this fact. It’s evident a few seconds into any of their music videos that this group is not afraid to embrace the fucking strange, and if you embrace it along with them it’ll pay off.

This Paris-based 5 piece band fills out swirling psychedelic arrangements with sounds from world music and sweeping vocal harmonies. Their debut self titled EP was produced by Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker, and it shows in their range of experimentation. They also demonstrate their penchant for the odd with the video for the EP’s lead track, “Je suis la montagne.”

The band followed up 2013’s debut in August 2014 with the 10 track album “Le monde Möö,” where they showcase the continued expansion of their sound.

Check out Moodoïd. Embrace the fucking strange with them. It’s worth it.