The Code

A good amount of roads are leading my ears to minimal production lately. Elliot put me on to Aoki Takamasa, and a few Japanese discogs orders later there was a previously-sleepy part of my brain that was craving, well…less. I was only dimly unaware of all this until I came across this release by The Code. After the first non-stop playthrough my feelings had solidified. The sttripped down production, the ghostly r&b croonings from the likes of G-Eazy, KasFlow, Talk, probably a few others from sampleland, all pointed to something that felt so correct as our deep-vocal-house playlists begin to sound tired. The true magic of The Code however, is the way these vocal elements come together with such simplified and well-produced musical elements to convey this dark-sexy feeling of 2014 coming to a cold end.