September 03

“My thoughts come with an accent for just how foreign I think”

Deffery is one of those artsy types. You know those guys that can fucking do everything, and it just seems so natural to them? I don’t know the guy personally, but I’m willing to bet a thousand dollars you’ll fall in love with these tee’s for sale on his website when you check em out. Turns out he also makes music (of course) and it’s fucking amazing (of course). This is an extremely multi-talented artist.

Where to start with this song? First of all the beat changes up several times throughout the 3 minute song, and Deffrey doesn’t miss a beat, and his cadence rides smoothly atop the music, with all of the personality and catchiness of Kendrick (in fact he does a great rework of kendrick here). The song is titled idontevenlikerap . and if that is true, then he’s got quite a conundrum on his hands.  This song is packed to the brim with great quotes, and it will take several listens to fully absorb the genius behind this. Luckily it’s available for free download, so your wish is granted.


And now for somethinig completely different: Spoken word. “My eyes would have the gold medal for judging a book by its cover”. It’s an insightful look into silent relationships, experienced from the outside. Set to vacation-worthy bossa nova music, which evens out the seriousness of the keenly observant poem to just the right level of accessibility. Another gold mine for quotes, this guy is blowing my mind right now. I highly recommend spending a few hours browsing his well documented brain’s activities, via his soundcloud, instagram, or website/shop.