August 31

East Londoner Barney Artist accompanies Jazz Producer Tom Misch

Barney Artist is a 22 year old artist from London, which as you probably know by now is my favorite place in the world for music. London always seems to be ahead of the curve, but not so much so that it’s inaccessible. Barney Artist is no exemption. We’ve been keeping an eye on him for a while now here at HIC, and this recent collaboration with jazz producer Tom Misch will surely prove to be a great turning point for Barney. The atmospheric and modern jazz guitar work, impeccable engineering, and 90’s boom bap drums and accompanying bassline (All are Misch’s trademarks) are the perfect cushion for Barney’s gently intelligent and humble lyrics to rest on. This song has a great amount of patience to it, which is an aspect often lost in the age of 127 character tweets, and unlimited torrents. Big ups to these two, looking forward both individuals careers and here’s to hoping their musical paths cross again!!