August 29

Blake Paterson sets sail with new project “Boats”

Songwriter Blake Paterson sets sail under the Melbourne sun with new project titled “Boats”. Just two days after the release of the first single “Spiders soul” the record managed to bring in an impressive number of spins via soundcloud. The EP itself is set to debut sometime in the second half of 2014 with production from Joshua Delaney and Masters by Andrei Eremin, Fractures, Oscar Key Sung and even Downtown Records very own Chet Faker. Paterson dresses the beat well with vocals suggesting perhaps he’s found comfort in those nostalgic vibes which always seem to be plagued by the constant reminder of love and the hangover that hopelessly lingers on. In my own opinion I pictured less waves actually crashing but maybe more so metaphorically. The verses have this slow countryside feel which help to reel the listener in where he then attempts to detail his experiences. For a hook you get much more fast pace. Hence, my city life-like comparison. Bringing the two lifestyles together and presenting the perfect opportunity for clash through sound wave. Categorized as subtle electronic and somewhat euphoric. It’s not always easy to provide substance to a very spacious sound yet it’s captured well with paterson’s high strung lyrics and catchy tone. This is dope, definitely something to keep a close eye out for live shows coming your way