August 18

Choppa Dunks in Cleveland

This Wednesday at the BSide in Cleveland, Hear in Colors is helping to bring in NYC heavy-bass-hitter Choppa Dunks. Joining him will be Killa Kalam and DJ Corey Grand, two Cleveland natives who, unless you’ve been under a rock, you should feel luck that you have an opportunity to see on the same night.
Choppy Dunks excels in heart of subtraction.  sound is huge, and well…choppy. He makes the type of tunes that seems to find their power and intensity in the spaces between drums.  only to have him pull it all out from under you and make you appreciate how heavy a simple drum track can truly be. Choppa puts in work, and we like that in Cleveland.

Killah Kalam is a Cleveland artist who has been having a very busy summer. We follow him on all our social media outlets and it seems like every other day he’s at some outdoor festival or on stage with a band brandishing some Akai hardware, maybe a keyboard, and Ableton Live.
Corey Grand is a seasoned Cleveland DJ, and a lighter, more footworky sound is his thing. Also a nice little LP and mini-doc at