August 12

Find The Unlikely Charm in Pakistani Psychedelic Music

The only information offered about this band on any of their webpages is as follows; “Janoobi Khargosh is a Pakistani psychedelic indie band formed by Waleed Ahmed.”  After further research, I learned that Waleed Ahmed was previously part of a Death/Doom band, which is quite unlike the music he is making currently. Let’s agree to call that range. This spacey psychedelic music has a nice mix between quirkiness/charm and poppiness, which is quite a difficult mix for bands to find. Male and female singer/songwriter duos seem to find that bit quite easy, as romantic tension inevitably has quirkiness embedded in it. This band has a worryingly small amount of “internet love”, with 922 facebook likes and only 339 soundcloud follows. Lets help them change that guys, they clearly deserve more attention then they’re getting.