August 02

Ruff Draft remixes Flying Lotus’ Puppet Talk

Oakland, CA native Ruff Draft is a producer with a musical vision.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. There is a clear distinction between the artists that have a big picture, and artists focused on the now. Ruff Draft is undoubtedly one of the former. The loveably offbeat drums are certainly reminiscent of Flylo and Doom, but there’s an originality deep seeded in Ruff Draft’s music, never flashy, merely comfortably sitting in the background and allowing the listener to find it, rather than the other way around. Which is refreshing. In the age of novelty, buzzfeed and twitter, most music (and everything for that matter) must grab your attention immediately as being outlandish and conspicuous and it will inevitably fade, as all novelty does. Lather, rinse repeat. It’s nice to have people like Ruff Draft out there more concerned with making quality music that will stand the test of time.

It should also be mentioned that Ruff Draft is related to David Ruffin, of the Temptations. Can’t go wrong there.

Check out Ruff Drafts remix of Flying Lotus’ Puppet Talk, and listen for the similarities in production as well as the differences. In my opinion, there is just the right amount of influence to pay homage, and pouring with his own musical vision. Thumbs up on this.

Here is some original production by Ruff Draft, and the last 90 seconds of this are nothing short of badass/transcendental. New genre name.