Amazing new single called Double Bed by Seiho

Seiho is a japanese producer with an ever expanding sound library and a well of creativity that never seems to run dry. Double Bed is the name of his new single, which masterfully contrasts the art of sampling against the technicality of electronic production. Seiho is signed to Day Tripper Records which boasts an all star line up of artists. If you have some time, a few hours could be well spent browsing through their website and taking a tour of their artists. In fact, there will probably be an article about them very soon. The cleanness of the sound is separate from that of a lot of eperimental japanese producers which usually tend more towards the lo-fi sound. This has the quirkiness  characteristic of eastern producers, but with the cleanliness and listenability of LA producers– notably Spazzkid and Ta-ku. Enjoy!