June 21


Nehzuil Remixes

R&B saw a bit if resurgance last year, especially in the remix realm. Scores of producers jacking vocals from a mid-ninties Maxwell or Aliyah track, chop it up to half-word vocal science. Add some sub and space synths. Weird drums. #CreepySexyR&Bremix2014 #Swag

Enter Nehzuil, he remixes R&B too. But he’s not part of that first paragraph. Nehzuil does it for the people, not some select group of underground heads. Nehzuil does it the hard way. His remixes could easily be original releases for any of these major artists in terms of both content and technical considerations. You’ll also hear a lot of real instruments in his production. Guitars, pianos, organs etc…kind of a rare thing these days. Play this stuff for your parents, there’s a good chance they’ll like it if they have ears.

Nehzuil has soul. Whether it’s through natural ability or experience, it’s hard to say because his music is is well-polished.  He knows, for example, exactly where a piano or guitar lick needs to be in order to give his music that little extra push. The push to go from good to great. And to have that sort of 6th sense about making this type of music, it’s a special thing.

Head over to his facebook page here for a nice .zip of free music