May 19

Pacific Patterns

The music of Portland, Oregon’s Chris Petersen sounds like it was made by a man with too many limbs—in the best way possible. It’s as if he gives his listener clarity and relief by channeling the found and ambient noises of one’s everyday life with an intuitive balance of atmospheric chords and an erratic, polyrhythmic sputtering of bloops and bleeps. It’s kind of like getting a peek into his inner sonic landscape, leaving you feeling possessed, yet serenely satisfied. While drawing on influences of Minus the Bear and Flying Lotus, his aesthetic remains keenly honest and original. As a man who wants to play every instrument at once, he certainly uses his medium to the fullest. Keep your ears open for his first EP, slated for release at the end of the month on UNDRGRND LVXVRY. It is bound to be an effortless and lovely portrait of the human state of being.
By: Hayley Quinn Trivett