9000Lives is a quirky amalgam of glitch, ambient, and 8-bit. It’s perfect for me, because any of those three genres rather bore me when left to it’s own devices (with a few exceptions for each). But when all three are blended so meticulously and seamlessly it makes for a very exciting new sub-sub-sub genre, which you all know by now is my favorite type of genre– one with layers. One wouldn’t be  too terribly far off as describing 9000Lives’ as producer music, which is not to say a non-producer wouldn’t enjoy it.

Producer music is merely something that fellow producers will have a heightened awareness of the complexity and/or creativity ingrained in the creative process. To sarcastically demonstrate this concept I’ve attached this picture;

yay everyone


Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, 9000Lives is dropping an EP in the next couple of months, so that’s definitely one to keep an eye out for, or trust us to post that shit. Because we most definitely will. Trust us. One last note to say about 9000Lives is that while he’s definitely got a grasp on the creative process of… well… creating, there is most definitely also a humongous talent for the more left-side-of-the-brain, more scientific and mathematic much dreaded process of the mixdown. These mixes are definitely up there with the best of the non-professional small studio mixes, so big ups to 9000Lives!!!  Here’s another song available for free download!!