February 06


5 musical TED talks your brain will enjoy

Everyone loves a good TED talk. Their archive is HUGE, so we went ahead and picked 5 of the best for you.

1. Stefon Harris: There are no mistakes on the bandstand 

Sefon Harris is a marimba player who give a unique look at what exactly goes through a jazz musicians head during a show. How they work with each other and feed off of each other in an improvisational setting, and the lessons apply to much more than just music.

2. Mark Applebaum: The Mad Scientist of Music

Presentation is a big factor, and Mark Applebaum is an instantly likeable guy with a LOT of unconventional ideas about music and how it can be performed, perceived, and written. This is a great example of someone thinking outside the box. We like that here.

3. Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Not really a TED Talk, but this is probably the main reason this list exists. It’s a great illustration of how the pentatonic scale is hardwired into our consciousness.

4.  Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors

A lot of these videos touch on the subject of leadership, and orchestra conductors are a slightly mysterious breed of leaders. How do you become a conductor? Who were the best condictors? Why? What can we learn from them? Social science shit.

5. Reggie Watts: Beats that defy boxes

Because Reggie Watts.