Soundcloud Hunting

Stumbled over this while sound cloud hunting on my day off. Really enjoying a very creative remix by Baths of indie music connoisseurs Grizzly Bear‘s song Will Calls. This remix blurs the lines between indie and electronica in a way similar to neon indians. Loose and groovy yet still very danceable and party friendly.

low-bit trap rap? Sure, I’ll give it a listen. Producer/DJ McMaNGOS has been on my soundcloud feed for a while now, and has yet to disappoint. This particular song features Josip On Deck on vocals, and is the perfect example of the beauty of the home studio. Stuff like this would just never happen in a multi-million dollar studio, or even a multi-thousand dollar studio. Just a couple of guys rubbing two sticks together to make a fire. Love it. Keep an eye on these guys!

Andre Cymone is a singer/songwriter with that old school feel. New album in the works, called The Stone. Support him, love him, and dance with your girlfriend to this.

Indie pop kingpin Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr just released a new song about an hour ago, now. This group is making huge moves, and their carefree charm is spreading like a california fire. Drive with the windows down, and ironically huge sunglasses to this one.

CRAZY cool use of field recordings and silly, random everyday sounds. That, to me, is the coolest part of modern production, is how you can truly take anything at all, and make a song from it. And this would be just about the best. Japanese producers seem to have a much more experimental aspect to their music then the west. Huge thumbs up on this track