5 great remix’s of Radiohead’s “Reckoner”

5) Koda. is a folktronic artist from Columbia, South Carolina. His real name is Jordan Montfleury-Sudak, and he makes huge, brooding electronic soundscapes, infused with live instrumentation which is then effected to all hell again. The music alone is enough to get you hooked, but you haven’t even heard his voice yet. Soulful and emotional, yet strong and piercing.

4) Leftside Wobble is a DJ/Producer from London. This version is smooth, lush, yet still intense. Leftside uses the vocal aspect of the song, not the just the music, and it builds into what I think of as a huge statue of a famous person– it’s not exactly that person, but it’s certainly in honor of them.

3) Sweet Nothing is a 19 year old producer from Portland, Oregon. This has a much more drum and bass feel to it than most of the other remix’s. I really like this version mostly because of the dissonance between the bassline and the vocals– it builds a lot of tension over the song, although it does seem to end rather abruptly. Either way, this is a great version, and clearly shows a lot of creative energy coming from Sweet Nothing.

2) Lenny May, hailing from Berlin, Germany, is a very talented producer, been on the scene for a couple of years now, and I’m patiently waiting for him to get his big break. Only a matter of time, his repertoire will support that. All of Lenny May’s music shows great talent, and a uniqueness that is integral to a producers success.

1) Would would a remix list be without a full orchestra covering the song? OF COURSE THERE’S AN ORCHESTRAL VERSION OF RECKONER. Conducted and arranged by Walt Ribeiro, this is an incredible, cinematic, edge of your sit version of an already great song.

and of course, here’s the original. Obviously, an incredible song off an incredible album.