Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves is a folk artist from Texas, with all the vocal quarkiness of The Tallest Man on Earth, and the instrumental creativity of Beck‘s acoustic songs. Layering vocal harmonies atop one another, each caring for a different register, covering the baritone all the way up to falsetto, with intuitive, emotional guitar playing.  He’s got a couple albums out, Roll the Bones (free download below) and Donor Blues EP, in that order. Both have a very similar general appeal, although Roll the Bones is more lo-fi, and has the warm, friendly appeal of such. Donor Blues sounds more refined, as a recording artist grows into his own skin, and the songs seem to have more structure, more intentional. Both are absolutely fantastic albums, and we are absolutely always on the prowl for music that you can replace Mumford and Sons with. Great folk music has so much more to offer than this fucking folk-pop shit, and Shakey Graves is most definitely one of the good guys. Here’s his first album (Roll the Bones) fully available for free download, and below that is  my favorite song of his Donor Blues EP. Enjoy!