Concave Chest Man

The Artist – Atlas Sound
The Album – Logos
The Year – 2009
I was just doing a little bit of musical exploration about a year ago, when I heard a track called “Slow Motion,” by Panda Bear. I did a little research, and I came across the name Noah Lennox aka. Panda Bear. I learned he created a group Animal Collective, and blah blah blah! In my quest, I heard a song he was featured on with a fellow named Bradford Cox in a solo project called Atlas Sound.

I checked out some Atlas Sound albums, and liked the experimental vibe, but wasn’t completely hooked or blown away. It’s your basic electronic singer/songwriting style that you hear all the “cool” festival junkies listening to these days. Although, two songs on the Logos album made me so goddamn happy to listen to, Atlas Sound will always be in my music memory bank, unless of course Alzheimer’s reformats my music memory bank.

1. Walkabout ft. Noah Lennox
This was the track that hipped me on concave chest man. Centered upon an uplifting riff dug up from the riff cemetery of garage groups from the 1960’s “What Am I Going to Do” by The Dovers. Noah & Bradford harmonize in tranquil unison asking “What did you want to see, what did you want to be when you grew up?”. As the riff persist, the lead and background vocals carry my mind to a brisk Autumn drive with my windows down and the heat on.

2. Quick Canal ft. Lætitia Sadier
This is my prime argument I can debate with other fools, for me choosing blindness over losing my hearing, if one had to choose. Lætitia Sadier, a French woman who fronts the group Stereolab, pours out angelic sounds over a minimal hazy music bed. She compliments her lead vocals with a series of her own ghostly over dubs. Half way through the track the minimal hazy bed drowns out from a sustained distortion that remains fighting with Lætitia Sadier’s beautiful voice, creating some kind of manic soundscapes of panic trying to overtake ones accord. This I feel, is the noise that my mind would make if I could hook up an amp to it.

Happy New Year