Quiet gem Ainslie Wills is pulling my strings

Sometimes you’re in the middle of a city you don’t live in and there’s someone playing in the street in that city and they’re not normally there either because they’re from another state and you just sort of happen across them and it turns up being one of the best musical discoveries you’ve made. Now I’m not just saying that for the sake of it, because that’s exactly what it was for me and Ainslie Wills. Another little gem to come out of the busy alternative music scene in Melbourne, Australia, Ainslie’s got this talent for just taking you places with her music. Soaring yet sensitive vocals, melodic guitars, solid percussion, yadda yadda; the main thing is that it’s bloody dang good. I first picked up her second release ‘Somebody For Everyone’ from her in that street, and shortly after she released ‘You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine.’ For any lovers of true music, this album is an absolute must listen. The only way I can think to describe it is musical complexity done in such a way as to seem simple. The tunes in this album especially – but her other releases, too – have depth of arrangement and harmonic progressions that you can sit and think about and analyse and theorise over, but at the same time you can just set them to work themselves out in the background and let them come over you as easy listening.

Of course finalising all of this is some really nice production and well-tempered mixing that bring the tracks together nicely. Standout in particular for me is the track ‘Lemon Japan’. Everything in this track just sort of clicks right, and I’ve found it to be one of those tunes that sticks with me and makes me think about new ways of doing things. Ainslie Wills is nothing short of a gem that you can enjoy tirelessly. Big ups from me, you really gotta check her out.