Iller the abstract giraffe has done it again

We love this guy for a reason. All of his music is so existentially stimulating, taking risks you don’t hear on soundcloud everyday. With the birth of the home studio came the birth of everyone wanting their big break as soon as possible. It’s immediately apparent the difference between the artists that sincerely love the process of making music, and the people who just want to be featured on OWSLA’s blog so they can tweet it. Olof, AKA, Iller the Abstract Giraffe not only falls under the first category, he seems to be leading it. He never seems to stop experimenting, which gives his music the attraction of complexity– no matter how many times you listen to a song of his, there is always more to take from it. Let this guy take you somewhere you’ve never been, and enjoy his new song Galaxies Vol. 2 right here, and buy it here.