Hardcore Haze

Hopefully you haven’t been sleeping on Angel Haze. Whether she’s D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-I-N-G hardcore hiphop freestyles, or singing beautiful acoustic covers of pop tunes, Angel Haze seems to deliver on literally every track. It’s getting tough to decide where her talents shine brightest, but her energy as a rapper is undeniable.

“She’s like an edgier TLC all wrapped in one person.” – Republic Records Head A&R Rob Stevenson via Billboard.com

A spot-on analysis indeed. Angel Haze also has some interests in fashion and has done modeling work for both Harpers Bazzar and Vogue. Angel haze is one of the most well rounded and interesting artists in her…not genre..zone? That we’ve seen in a very long time. She literally does it all and does it with style and grace. Give her a few years, keep listening and, soon we’ll be mentioning her next to Lauren Hill and Alicia Keys.

no seriously