Kubalove is indie pop at it’s finest, plus some

Not to sound vain or anything, but I immediately am at least slightly interested in an artist picture featuring a microkorg. Far be it from me to judge an album by its cover, but there are certain signs, and in this instance, it’s spot on. Featuring a healthy blend of indie-electro, and synth-pop, Kubalove has big things in store for her near future. Working with LA director Susie Francis on Kubalove’s very first video for her lovely song “All I Want Is Your Love”, Anna, AKA, Kubalove will without doubt be recieving great feedback and head turns from the big boys. While indie electro pop certainly has been done before, there’s something very refreshing about the songwriting style of Kubalove. Personally I think it’s the energy. A lot of artists try and do the “cool” thing and make it seem like music is just second nature. I think Kubalove proves that while unexciting music may be second nature to most, you must always give it your all to create something of substance. Enjoy her music!!!