Twigs & Yarn make things

Twigs & Yarn is a bedroom indie duo with an extremely fresh sound, blending electronic and eclectic indie in a way that sets them apart. Their description on their facebook is too perfect not to post;

“A culmination of many lonely nights and secret musical messages, an expression of feelings that could not be easily spoken, a musical courtship between artists and oceans. Sounds were collected, manipulated and exchanged, arranged and layered, then uploaded and re-sampled… Slowly sculpting a collection of intimate musical gestures.”

Lauren McMurray and Stephen Orsak are the two souls behind the music. Signed to the Japanese label flau, which by the way is a fucking cool label, although both members of Twigs & Yarn are from (and still live in) Austen, TX. Alongside many other highly respectable experimental artists, Twigs & Yarn stand their own. Get lost in the sea of cool, and you will not be disappointed!