Cali Producer Beaches releases genre-bending new song “The Worst”

Beaches offers a bridge between indie and trap, joining groups like SZA and GOLDFACE MONEYWATCH and select others. While genre-bending is commonplace now (arguably necessary to receive commercial attention), there are certain genres that are inherently harder to cross-pollinate with particular other genres. Consider the never popular genre of funkpunk, despite the obvious rhyming benefits. Ever been to a classical rave? Didn’t think so. Some of the more blender-friendly genre pairings have been jazz-hip hop, or Alt-Country. So when an artist can find a balance between two seemingly mutually exclusive genres, it stands out. With that I introduce you to the Santa Monica artist Beaches. Trap drums at a mix-friendly level and enough reverb to swim in, Beaches new song called “The Worst” will have your head bobbin’ within the first 20 seconds and builds into a massive wall of sound. Production on this is huge, and Beaches definitely has a style all his own, excited to see what’s next for this artist.