Lil Jabba on the Track

Lil Jabba first came to our attention via a compilation release called Iswayski Gives You Good Bread. By his own admission, he’s a studio dweller and doesnt get out much, so it could be forgiven that some people might not know him as a member of TekLife along side DJ Rashad and the current kings of footwork. He’s there for a good reason. Australian-born Alexander Shaw’s take on footwork fits well with the current state of the art, but his work contains something extra that activates the listener. A weirdness that demands your ear even in casual listening situations.



The nature of footwork begs for busy sequencing to begin with, and anyone can throw hi hats on a timeline. Not letting blatant footwork percussion drive his tracks is somethin Lil Jabba excels at . Heavy arpeggios, masterfully chopped vocals, and arrangements that keep you playing Jabba’s tracks till the very end. Lil Jabba is too easily overlooked as a footwork heavyweight.

Here’s a link to Jabba’s recent Free Life EP…free for life