Eskimo Eyes are eerily irrestistable

Lo-fi bedroom music definitely has a reserved table in my heart. And this New Zealand band Eskimo Eyes is everything I love about the “genre”. I call it a genre because you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want in lo-fi bedroom music, as long as it evokes a certain sense of comfort in solitude. This happens to generally be proposed by a slow tempo, repetitive songs with long build ups, so subtle that your usually not even away of the build up until the song stops, and your heart stops with it. You can really lose yourself to this group, they truly have an innate sense for simplicity in sounds.

Just releasing their debut EP “I Can’t Think” today (Nov. 17) FOR FREE DOWNLOAD, I’ve picked a couple of my favorites off of the tape, but it was not a simple decision, as the whole 5 track EP is absolutely wonderful and mesmerizing. I absolutely hope to hear more from this band, and I’m quite sure they will be receiving good exposure for their work, as it’s absolutely phenomenal. Pop on some headphones, dim the lights, and take some time to enjoy music that doesn’t make the booty drop. 🙂