Pushing Hands is pushing past genres

Pushing Hands makes the kind of music that you should be listening to on summer nights, driving down empty roads with the windows down and wind blowing in. The kind of music that makes you nostalgic for a time and place that you don’t even know. I don’t know, I just feel like something big is going to happen whenever I listen to their music. It’s peaceful but not boring, and it’s definitely not something you can wear out. Pushing Hands is comprised of Matt Ritson, Andrew Ritson, Will Ritson, and Freddie Webb, and their music, to put it simply, is haunting.

I’ve had their songs on repeat since I first heard them and I still haven’t gotten sick of them, which is impressive considering they only have a few released at the moment. But rumor is that they’ve been in the studio recording and should be out with some new stuff soon. Their latest song was released last month and it’s got those soothing vocals and electronic music that showcases some simple bass lines and electric guitar, but that alone speaks for itself; simple can be better than complex. It all blends together blend together to make some real chilled music. If it’s any indication of what their new stuff will be like, I’m more than a little excited. Check ‘em out!