You Need More FYFE In Your Life

FYFE, or David’s Lyre by a previous moniker, is way too skilled of a young producer to not be getting nearly the amount of recognition he deserves. Paul Dixon has been making his own stuff by the name of FYFE since only the start of this year, but put out his past project, in 2011. In FYFE he’s changed his sound quite a bit, but I’m completely loving it. He uses tribal drum beats in some songs, and unusual effects and contrasting chords in most, but it works so well together. It sounds so foreign and powerful that you can’t stop listening and sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for a new track to be released simply because you don’t know what to expect. His first single (Conversations) has that powerful and exotic sound I’m talking about, with the tribal drum beats in the chorus that throw you into a different culture. In his EP, he puts in more electric guitar and uses more production effects, and it is just as good as his single.

The latest song he just released is called Lies Pt. II and it also differs from his previous songs. It’s minimalistic and relies a lot on vocal harmonies. He even throws rounds in there which is something you hardly ever hear. Though everything he has released is different, from David’s Lyre to even the diversity within his singles and EPS, the one thing that these tracks have in common is his voice. It’s a beautiful component that ties it all up. The harmonies, backing vocals, melodies. Blissful. Not to mention this guy’s lyrics. I’m dying to see him someday.