Sylvan Esso may just be my new favorite….

ok, what the fuck. How is there music this cool out there, and Lady Gaga is still a thing? Shame. But anyways, Sylvan Esso is a pop duo with Amelia Randall Meath as the vocalist, and Nick Sanborn providing an electronic music bed for the vocals to lay on. Both artists are using Sylvan Esso as a side project, as both have extremely intriguing main projects. Meath is part of a folk band called Mountain Man, and Sanborn plays bass for Megafaun. Their debut as a group is called Hey Mami, which if this is any kind of preview for how good their album will be, that is a good sign. A very good sign. Meath stacks layers and layers of catchy melodies over one another, and is patiently joined by Sanborn’s pulsing synth work. This band is NOT to be slept on, as they will clearly be making some of the coolest, most melodic and original music in the upcoming years. Enjoy!!!