check out Rochesters’ alternative group “The Wallpaper”

The Wallpaper is an alternative rock band from Rochester, NY consisting of Ben Corey on guitar, Hannah Corey  on vocals and ukulele, Molly Kerker on vocals and keyboards, Atom Mac rockin’ the drums, Ben Morey on vocals, guitar, piano
and Justin Pulver slappin’ the bass. This group exemplifies midwestern indie rock to me. Introspective, pretty melodies, not overly complicated but certainly not a two chord progression on repeat, highs and lows in every song reminiscent of life in the midwest.  There are parts of this album that are brought down to a near a whisper, then all the sudden there will be this huge wall of sound coming at you. Really diggin this band, wondering how they are live. My money is on pretty damn good!