Who the fuck is John Hanna?

John Hanna is a producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist/goofball/all around chill ass dude from the heart of the cle. I do have the privilege of having met this cat, even more so the opportunity to work with him at his studio, oh and drink beers with him. This dude has just about done it all– played in a ska band, produced for some of the big names (namely Lorine Chia, amongst many, many others), engineered all different kinds of projects (including a remaster on a Kid Cudi and King Chip song), DJs, and makes some of the best dub/bass music out there right now. He just dropped a new track, and it fucking bumps. Looking forward seeing what’s next for this guy. Probably will be playing keyboards for Lorde or something. Also, every wednesday, he brings over a few heavy hittin DJ’s and throws a little DJ party, called Bassweight. If you like good tunes, make sure you tune into Bassweight, every wednesday from 7-10!