Vampire Weekend meets Cool Runnings in London based band “Island Cassettes”

I have the pleasure of knowing the frontman of this band personally. Well, as personal as internet friends can be. I first found unsigned Island Cassettes about a year ago, after their guitarist and vocalist followed me on tumblr. Immediately after listening to their single, Navajo, I knew they had something special. Hailing from London, James Smith (vocals and guitar), Toby Hinks (guitar), Emily Chantler (drums) came together to become the creative minds behind Island Cassettes in 2011, joined by Mike Medcalf (bass), and Jordan Stevens (percussion) to play with them during their live shows. Blending together groovy world beats, light harmonies, and catchy guitar riffs and rhythms, the band is easy to fall in love with. They bring a bit of Vampire Weekend to the table along with a bit of Foals, but they have a sound that is uniquely their own and youtube videos confirm that they’re every bit as good live as they are on their debut album. With their fun and dancey music, you can only imagine how fun their concerts are, and they’re making their way up too, having just played at 02 Academy Islington. Knowing how passionate and committed Island Cassettes are, I’m convinced these guys are bound to go far as their sights are set.