Marika Hackman brings her dark music to light

You might have never heard of Marika Hackman before, but be prepared to start hearing a lot more about her, because she is on her way up. Marika is yet another Londoner musician, but she is making her way onto the scene with unique music that is completely innovative and all her own. Her guitar playing is flawless and refreshing (seriously, go look up her acoustic sessions on youtube and you’ll be flummoxed by how she hasn’t completely taken over the music industry), her creativity unmatched. Her music is dark and her voice is light. She is well-rounded in every sense of the word because she doesn’t seem to be weak in any area of songwriting. What makes Marika and her music so captivating is not only her musicianship and skill; it’s her lyrics as well. In her mini album of originals, That Iron Taste, Marika uses beautiful metaphors for feelings that are all too human. Marika is raw and honest and brutal in her writing, and yet incredibly poetic. She addresses her humanity and things that aren’t too pleasant in such a relatable and understandable way, and her metaphors aren’t lost on everyone as can be the case with many poetic lyricists.

Not only does Marika have originals, but she also has an EP of cover in which she does Nirvana and Nico. It’s always a gamble listening to covers of greats, but she covers them with her own twist, and she does so incredibly well.

Her songs are innovative works of art, from her dark and expressive lyrics to her mesmerizing and creative music. I’ve found I’ve been unable to stop listening to her since I first heard her. Marika’s music is an addiction and many more people are about to get hooked on her as well.

Her Covers EP is free and can be found on her website:, and That Iron Taste can be downloaded on iTunes or bought on Amazon, vinyl or CD. Be sure to pre-order her new EP, titled Sugar Blind, which is to be released on December 9th.”