Diane Coffee is neither a female, nor one to be slept on.

Psychedelic Motown is what this world needs more of.  Diane Coffee, AKA Shaun Fleming is from the suburbs of California, and moved to the much less sunny (i’m biased) metropolis we call NYC. As a former Disney Child voice actor turned drummer for Foxygen, this guy really has truly seen the ups and downs of the entertainment business, all by the age of 26. Rough. Seems as though he’s making the best of it though, and his new project, Diane Coffee, is signed to a record label that does no wrong; Western Vinyl. With the ever-relevant megaphone filter on the vocals, and swaying 6/8 rhythms fully decorated with glockenspiels and background la la la’s, you can’t go wrong with a song like this. Following a formula that’s guaranteed to make people feel good, while still laying your own personal touch and taste to the song. That’s what we like to call “good songwriting”. Keep it up, Shaun!!!! Diane Coffee recently released a debut album, entitled My Friend Fish, and it’s not one to be missed.