6 piece electronic group “The Hics” are blending our favorite things

First things first, lets meet the band; Roxane on vocals and guitar, Sam Paul Evans on vocals, electronics and synths, Matt Knox slappin’ the bass, Geordan Reid Campbell playing the guitar and electronics, Jacob Welsh AKA Young Fury on the drums, and David Turay on sax. The Hics blend soul with electronic music in a very nonconventional way. Different elements are used from each genre than your usual electro-soul group. Beautifully haunting melodies and harmonies drive these songs, and the dynamics of each one actually moves. Remember when every song used to have a beginning, middle and end? Yeah, me either. This is the age of solid block waveforms and the loudness wars. The Hics are gently breathing life back into the creative music scene.

Professional arrangements, incredible songwriting, and the best production anyone could ask for make this group one that I’m confident will be blowing up very soon. They have an 4 song EP out, called Tangle, and it’s absolutely mesmorizing. If you click play, kiss the next 20 minutes good bye, and enjoy the beautiful stylings on London based, “The Hics”.