Psymun Says.. Check out some dope shit from Minnesota

Where the fuck do I even begin with this guy? Psymun just released a beat tape titled “heartsick” which spotlights Experimental and Glofi music, and one extraordinary track that I just can’t stop jizzing over, features an outstanding 16 year old lyricist/playwright/producer who goes by the name ChesterWatson. The cool St. Louis native who’s been compared to avant-garde artist like Earl Sweatshirt & MF Doom well that’s a different discussion for possibly a  later time, but let me get back to Psymun another young cat (21) who puts the chill back in chillwave.

 I have no clue what the music scene is like in Minnesota, and from what I can   remember I’ve been there maybe once or  twice and  besides the “Mall of America” I knew of nothing else.If amazing talent like this is emerging out of that scene, then its about damn time we learn. Check out this dope track listed below and tell me they  BOTH don’t represent more than just Air Jordansfrench ass Restaraunts (kanye reference if you dont’ get it)

God! they kid even remixed King Krules “baby blue” and if I must continue to say he’s does no wrong here. Myself being from the midwest, appreciates more than just the Chief Keef’s and Yung Chop’s , nothing against them at all I seriously mean no disrespect, but when is it ever time to evolve and continue to cultivate the rest of the young generation? Well I know one things for sure and that is together we can change all this.