Lili K… girl you better sang!

Who told ya’ll that Jazz/soul is dead huh? The answer is no body! This beautiful songstress is beyond gifted with just a voice but the girl can write her ass off also she  recently just graduated from Columbia College Chicago. You guys wanna know her name well she goes by Lili K. another Midwestern talent who lets her work speaks for itself. Shes has not only performed alongside artists like Chance the Rapper, Dwele & Thelonious Martin but has performed at dope ass events such as SXSW and CMJ. She has a fire Ep titled “My favorite things” which was released earlier in july with the help of producer Peter Conttontale.

Lily K gets the message across with every breathe and lyric in each and every song of hers. Check her out please, because this girl is going beyond places, shes taking us places.