Introducing Krane to everyone that enjoys good music

Well this dude is cool as fuck. I just stumbled onto his page while doing my daily soundcloud browse. Hailing from San Francisco, the heart of eccentricities and home of the weirdos (which is a good thing, don’t get it twisted), this producer is doing something we love here at HIC. We love when producers go completely out of the box and do something wild, but we also love when producers/bands can tactfully build a bridge between the unknown and the known. It’s a very hard thing to do to let yourself go, but just the right amount where you can always be pulled back into the orbit of pop culture, if need be. So much love and respect to Krane, would love to pair him with an indie rapper and a jazz guitarist and let him go nuts. Anyways, please enjoy, share and transcend, or any combination of the three.