Get to know existentialist Swedish producer ‘Iller the Abstract Giraffe’

One of Iller’s fans said it the best; “I love that you exist and decided to make this”. That’s one helluva statement, and I agree with it completely. Music like this, that for now I’ll refer to as existentialist electronic experiments, does wonders for the soul. When listening to music truly freed by the bounds of what’s popular, or what will make your head bob, the opportunities are endless, and a cripplingly small number of producers collect on this. Iller the Abstract Giraffe, AKA Olof Melander is unarguably one of those few that exist, and he is the only one in the world who decided to make exactly these songs.

We will be interviewing Iller within the upcoming weeks, and I have so many questions for this dude and almost none of them have anything to do with music. Mostly I just want to pick this guys brain on his favorite authors, and what he thinks about when he’s making the music. There’s a lot of procedural questions that come to mind, mainly “how the FUCK do you make shit like this?” So that’ll be on there. These sounds all blend so magically that it’s hard to imagine that it was created by hand, but rest assured this is the brainchild of someone much more enlightened than me. This shit is addictive as fuck, and I fully encourage absolutely everyone to get fully immersed in this music, you’ll feel as refreshed as if you just took a two hour nap at exactly the perfect time of day.