We got to interview 16 year old producer DKOBeats

Hear in Colors :Give us a little background of yourself. What’s your real name, how old are you, where are you from, when did you start producing? 

DKO: I am a 16 year old beat maker named DERRICK PARKS from saint joseph, and i always wasn’t as good as i am now at music making even when i did know the studio that well. I was failing 3 classes because i would not do homework, i would only sit on my computer and produce. during the time i was grounded I started listening to these really oldschool hip-hop tracks such as deli blend ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4jO72XPuN0 ) I had never heard any thing like it and was extreemly inspired. I rounded up samples from the 1960’s-70’s and put an end to this video game beat making stuff, which led to my first mixtape, thats how i started taking producing seriously.

HIC: What kind of equipment do you use? Hardware? Software? Is there a piece of equipment that you really want to get your hands on?

DKO: I use FL STUDIO 10-11, software, i need a midi machine, i was gonna get one but my mom got me a piano for my birthday.

HIC: Do you have a favorite time of the day to produce? 

DKO: when nobody is home and i can blast my music.

HIC: Dream Collaboration?

DKO: Negro saki, knxledge , tuame , SUMTHIN GUNNY.

HIC: What do you do when your not making amazing beats? 

DKO: Playing video games, finding samples, hangin with girls chillen haha

HIC: Any full albums on the way? 

DKO: “DKOBEATS – Wisdom of a young beat maker. ”

HIC: Any songs you are particularly proud of? 

DKO: GLITCH FUNK series 1 & 2.

HIC: What music do you like to listen to? 

DKO: This best explains it – https://soundcloud.com/#sgunny/if-i .

HIC: Are you planning on moving anywhere? For college, or for music? 

DKO: I plan on traveling and meeting alot of my close producers that stuck with me through day one.

HIC: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you this year? 

DKO: I was on skype with artistik beats, vongola beats, kenken productions, Natsu the produce, JHITZ, Raisi K and cirtified beats listening to music When Artistik started busting out laughing and said look at the comments
and i laughed so hard i spit out my soda.