LA group ‘clipping.’ makes the word experimental look like child’s play.

LA hip hop trio ‘Clipping. ‘ has been a group for about two years now, constantly trying new sounds, playing with white noise, and using synths that no other producers dare to fuck with. That’s why we like them, in addition to their overall quality of music/noise.  The three masterminds behind clipping are Jonathan Snipes (production), William Hutson (production), and Daveed Diggs (vocals). They recently signed to Subpop Records, based out of Seattle, but the group insists that being signed has not changed a damn thing for their music.

Here’s one of my favorites of theirs, the use of noise is nothing short of genius, and the vocals are intelligent and at a level of literacy that has almost been forgot about in the world of rap. The breakdown is fucking sweet too.

Favorite quote- “All purple everything, who got grapes.” I’m not sure why I like this so much, and I think that’s part of the fun.