French producer SNKΔ combines free jazz and dusty beats

You know when you hear a song and imagine a mad scientist holding a beaker of bubbling green liquid and laughing maniacally to the skies? I get that when I listen to SNKΔ. This guy finds the absolute best samples and instead of chopping them to beat as most producers do, he allows the samples to breathe just as they are, and combines it with some really cool synth productions and the craziest drums one could imagine. Honestly, this is much more free jazz than it is anything else, just with a few minor, blatent changes; first it’s all one guy. Free jazz is ensemble based. Secondly, there’s synths and programmed drums on top of the live instrumentation and lastly, it’s got one helluva groove to it!

SNKA has a new song just released last night called Dans la Nuit, which if my french is correct (which it rarely is) means In The Night. This song is no exception to everything aforementioned, starts with some crazy drum sample with almost no discernable beat, that when it drops it’ll put you in a neck brace from head bobbing too hard. This is great, clean production and best of all– ORIGINAL!!! Long live niches.