Nadine Carina, will you go on a date with me????

I’m kidding completely, but good lord your music is incredible. Nadine Carina has a beautiful voice, absolutely wonderful layers, harmonies that build huge complex chords, and a calm, serene musicality that feels like you’re a million miles underwater, exploring something brand new. This British singer dabbles in what she calls electronic folk, which I would personally feel the inclination to extend that to experimental electronic folk. It’s quirkiness calls for such a forewarning. Beautiful, thoughtful, exciting, fresh, sexy (the music), and absolutely entrancing.

I’m looking at Nadine’s webpage right now, and I’m very happy to see that it looks as though she is playing gigs regularly. Too often do I find massively talented artists that barely play any shows. It’s such a huge part of getting fans, and building your music, and it’s always nice to see that working musicians are just that; working. Anyways here is a couple of Nadine’s tunes, and a link to her EP, “Space Toys“. Enjoy!