Flako’s production is rich with old school and new

Flako‘s production has more than a little influence from Little Dragon, which is never a bad thing, assuming you know what you’re doing. Minimal electric sounds, blips, beeps, soft chords with jazzy progressions, and very progressive bass lines. His production matches perfectly with Fatima‘s soulful vocals and textured harmonies.  This song has been on repeat on my headphones since I woke up and opened soundcloud. Flako is surely one of the smoothest producers in the game right now, so don’t miss out!!

Flako recently did a remix for Arts the Beat Doctor‘s new album, “Lazy Thunder“, and it’s fucking incredible, holds up with the original easily– not an easy feat to match Arts. Flako lives in London currently, but was raised in Germany. His music is story-telling, in the sense of the high highs and lows and drynamic changes Flako hits in every song, much in the sense of classical composition, but with warm, colorful analogous synth sounds. As a recording engineer, I can also say with full confidence that these songs all sound wonderful to the ears. Cheers, Flako!!