LA Producer Dfalt is reminiscent of DJ Shadow

Los Angeles has given rise to a very large part of the country’s best music, and an even larger amount of people pushing boundaries, and producer Dfalt is no different, except maybe pays a more prominent homage to the rearview. His new tape was released June 11, named Helsenki Beat Tape (Part 1), and it’s full of sample-flippin goodness combined with great production. That is to say this is far from a sample and a drum loop. More like a composition built around a hardly recognizable sample, much to the style of Flying Lotus, but with a very different sound.  Dfalt lists his equipment right on his soundcloud and it includes Ableton 9 Suite. MPK49. MPC1000. Macbook Pro. M1Active Monitors. Fender Strat. Kaosspad Quad. Perception 200 Condenser Mic. Plugins, Magic, and Weed. Dfalt, aka Jason Drake, aka Cassettes Won’t Listen, is currently signed with Daylight Curfew, yet another great LA record label. Check him out his beat tape right here!!!! It’s been on repeat over here all night.